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Dirty Little Slut

22f sex addict, CNC rapesleeve, masochist, bisexual slut

What's the most degrading thing you've ever done for someone?

A man I was "seeing" made me drink his piss in front of a few of his friends, essentially strangers to me at a small party. One girl was totally grossed out by it and went around telling other people what I did, and he wouldn't let me leave, so I became the disgusting joke of the night.

Funnily enough, some of the guys who were making fun of me slid into my DMs after that night looking to hook up, and even got a text from one of the girls afterwards telling me how hot it was.

It had started with some blowjobs and frisky rimming, but after COVID hit she took the role of toilet paper as well, however in recent weeks he decided he was just going to skip the middle man and make full use of his neighbors wife. If he went slow enough and let her take her time, there was no mess for him and a full meal for her.

After months of training, the time had finally come for him to put me to the test. As soon as he began pushing his filth out between my lips we both knew we could never go back. I had already been his dedicated urinal and toilet paper, but now I was finally fully his. I had never been more wet.

One of them was already fucking me when I regained consciousness from the chloroform. I hadn’t heard them sneak up on me, and now I was somewhere in the woods, far from any help.

The man fucking me was staring at me, a smile growing on his face as he saw me coming to, and realizing what was happening. Still staring down at me he talked to the other two men, clearly for my benefit.

“That’s right boys. Instructions are to fuck her until we can’t cum anymore, then dump her back where we got her.”

“Someone getting taught a lesson, boss?”

“Don’t know. Don’t care. We got paid for the job, we do the job. No questions.”

I was shaking my head, struggling to get away, but there was no way. And then the first man grunted, and slammed forward, and his cock throbbed inside me, and filled me with cum.

He pulled out with no fanfare, his bare shaft slick with spunk.

“Next,” he said.

They were hours using me. I lost track of how many loads of cum they pumped into me before the wet rag covered my nose and mouth again.

I came to slumped on the front stoop of my apartment in the wee hours of the morning. Slow and sore, I stumbled my way home.

It was the best $1000 I’d ever spent.

Well that’s what happens when share all your personal info, as well as your personal sexual desires with strangers online.

How do you expect a stranger to be told you have a rape fantasy and not expect him to find you and fuck your brains out against your will ?

I often wonder what would happen if I rented a room, posted the address on my blog & gave you all advanced noticed on when I'd be there. Would you come gang rape me, would I be stolen, sold, or kept as a sex slave, or much much worse?

My piggy slave doesn't eat the same food as me of course, but if she's lucky she'll get to swallow my farts after I have a big meal. 

She complained to her dad that their creepy neighbor keeps following her everywhere in town, that he inappropriately touches her when she walks past him. 

Her dad decided to fix this, he tied her up in bed, stripped her and invited the neighbor in and let him use her for hours while she screamed and begged for him to stop this.

No daughter of his will think she's too good for a man, not while under his roof. he needed to show her her place, he needed to teach her to be grateful when men give her attention, this will teach her that.

Daddys cum tastes so good out of that little pussy

Horse jockeying is about as male-dominated a profession as you'll find. Any spunky young woman who wants to make it in the biz will have to put up with years of mocking abuse from the grizzled old stablehands who run the show.

Mackenzie knew this came with the territory, but even so she thought it was extreme that her horrible boss made her sleep naked out in the fields tied up with the horses, right next to the road that her classmates would walk home from school on.

But she was determined to soldier on and become a jockey -- she just loved horses and racing them so much that she would suffer anything to live out her dreams.

Until a group of teen boys broke into the paddock one night carrying a jar of stolen horse pheromones. They tied Mackenzie spreadeagled to a trough and spread the scent deep into her pussy. When all four stallions raped her that night, the fight finally died from her eyes. If even the horses were against her now, what was all of this for...

Alan replaced all of his daughter's dolls with Barbies like this one. When his wife complained that it would have a negative effect on their daughter's self image, Alan tied his wife up exactly like the doll and showed his daughter exactly how he "plays" with a doll like that.

A new fashion in progressive universities is to help students reenact historical events in ways that tip the scales towards the modern ideals of social justice.

Pictured here: students of American History reenacting the abuses while male slaveholders took with their black female slaves, but with the roles reversed.

Students receive a grade proportional to the number of black men they bring to orgasm, as repayment for the sins of their ancestors.